How Green is our Valley…

I know the rain could be seen as an annoyance, but I love it. Everything is so beautifully green.

We have a three-in-one stream in the bottom paddock, its base and sides lined with sand washing down from the surrounding hills. Our very own beach almost!

The paddocks are so wet that we have let the sheep up to the drier area near the house. They are very happy with the arrangement to say the least.

In fact in all the paddocks small streams are popping up everywhere, and for once the usually dry water hole is full.

Wild ducks have taken up residence there, only leaving their comfortable surrounds to come to share our Muscovy ducks’ warm mash each morning.

Some people might remember dear old Ramekin the ram, who died a couple of months ago. Not without leaving a parting gift it seems. Two new lambs have been born in the last week or so.

One is very robust, the spitting image of his father in looks and personality.

The other is a tiny little mite. Its old mother Doris, almost as old as Ramekin had been and similarly toothless, seems to not have so much milk as this new lamb would need to thrive.

We were so happy to see the mini-me Ramekin’s mum allowing the frailer lamb to feed from her as well.

It’s undeniably an idyllic place, this little corner of the Derwent Valley

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