The Beautiful Bush of Molesworth

I’d been told how beautiful the bush is around Molesworth by locals, and also by our grandchildren who go enjoy exploring through the hills beyond our property. I’d never taken the time to see for myself though.

Taking advantage of the school holidays, today young Jacob and Charly took us over to the waterfall and beyond. What an incredible place!

In times of wetter weather the waterfall apparently rages and tumbles, foaming at the base and along the banks of the peaceful stream, temporarily turned torrent.

On this beautiful sunny morning we were accompanied by an entourage of little Truffles the cat (not too impressed by the height of the ravine) and a pair of curious wallabies.

It was quite a hike, but surely worth it. I admit to being glad to see our own property come back into view – a lovely green oasis with the sheep grazing contentedly.

(Photos by Jacob Wood)

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