Lake Pedder and Lake Gordon

Following in the spirit of exploration we decided to make a day to go explore the wilderness around Lake Pedder and Lake Gordon.

Of course, a sumptuous lunch had to be prepared – Charly stepped up to make a delicious cranberry and macadamia brownie, flavoured with orange zest. Her favourite biscuits she prepared also, the ever-popular Anzacs.

Curried egg sandwiches, meatballs, spiced chicken drumsticks, fruits and cheeses, not to mention chocolate (essential for exploring I was told).

Thus staving off any potential risk of starvation, yesterday we set off for the day of exploring. What stunning scenery along the way, as shown by Jacob and Charly’s photos here.

A picnic lunch by beautiful lake Pedder was all anyone could hope for by way of scenery. Even the currawongs joined in, helping to clean up the last of the chicken drumsticks.

The only down side to the day, both Charly and I took separate tumbles. Charly tripped and almost came to have a close encounter of the not so pleasant kind with wombat poo.

Not to be outdone (we are both said to be clumsy), I fell over at Ted’s Beach on a little piece of slippery ground.

Never mind, no harm done, we spent an hour or so there nevertheless with the children and Grandad skipping stones across the exquisite still waters of the lake.

What a wonderful day. We are so fortunate to have such treasures on our very doorstep here in the Derwent Valley, and all free for those who take the time to view and respect it.

3 thoughts on “Lake Pedder and Lake Gordon

  1. says:

    Beautiful photo’s and some lovely food by the sound of it. We truly have a beautiful place here in Tassie, so much to see and I never get tired of looking 🙂


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