Medlar Liqueur

Here is the recipe for our Medlar Liqueur that i promised to those who listened to the ABC radio Jams and Preserves talkback this morning.  This liqueur is specialty of our house, so rich – perfect for a late afternoon or evening special treat.

Here is the recipe:

Medlar Liqueur

You need to ‘blet’ the medlars before using in this recipe.  This means, once picked, leaving them on a bed of straw until they soften and darken.

500g ripe (bletted) medlars, washed and patted dry

500ml vodka

375g sugar

Place the medlars in a large sterilised jar.

Warm the vodka just enough to dissolve the sugar, then pour the mixture over the medlars and seal the jar.

Shake the jar each day for a week, then leave in a cool dark place for 6 months before straining and bottling.

Of course no trip to the ABC is complete without taking in a little something for anyone who might be working there that day.

Today – sausage rolls, small egg, bacon and garden herb tarts and corn and asparagus vegetarian offerings.  They didn’t travel as well as I would like on the way from Molesworth – some were a bit out of shape by the time we arrived in Hobart.

However,  a raspberry ripple cheese cake fared comparatively better, safely tucked into a chill box.  That was served with a drizzle of the lilly pilly syrup I made a few days ago.


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