Cumquats as large as mandarins!

Beautiful, beautiful, HUGE cumquats, a gift from a lady in Hobart. I have never seen such a productive suburban garden.

I spent an hour or two today making six batches of confit cumquats, as well as cumquat cordial syrup.

Tomorrow – brandied cumquats and cumquat marmalade.

Speaking of things orange – our old ex-feral Tom is much in love with the rabbit who has come to stay for a while. I think it’s maybe he fancied the rabbit for dinner at least in the initial stages, as you can tell by the guilty look on his face. However, now they seem to be best of friends, as Snowball has worked out how to dodge the paws and claws, making a game of it in fact.

So much happening here, barely time to write a post. Classes galore with the loveliest of people. Making and Baking Yeast Goods have been very popular.

The garden is growing astronomically, so we are hoping for good crops of all sorts of produce this summer.

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