A Morning in the Kitchen

I’d like to say it’s a creative environment, but I guess it qualifies as a ‘mess’.

So much fun though, and you can always clean up at the end. Today the cumquat processing was finished and the sparkling gooseberry is coming along nicely.

Cheese and Vegemite scrolls baked just for the sake of it, and two apple and gooseberry slices with a lime glaze, one for the Wednesday morning tea platter, and one to serve to visiting friends.

Nice view too, as you spend the morning baking like this. While the raspberry patch was forever ruined by the green beetles’ invasion of two years ago, it will soon have a new life as a herb garden with a backdrop of healthy gooseberry bushes.

My method of planting flower seeds – sprinkle a packet and see what happens, has kind of backfired on me, with the bed under the silver birch trees now thick with plants about to flower. I guess they will make a good show.

Pretty nice spot here I have to say, the ideal set up in an idyllic environment.

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