Back at home in Molesworth….

After a whirlwind week, it’s been nice to relax with visiting cousins and get back to some cooking.

Stocks of raspberry jam and relish were low, as well as piccalilli and Worcestershire sauce, the latter two to be cooked later today.

At present there is a traffic jam on Hester, the Big Bakers Oven. A cold snap has made it worthwhile to light ‘her’ up again.

There’s a chicken and vegetable soup for our lunch today simmering away on top, and apricots we bottled last summer being cooked to a puree for a pie to serve to visiting friends tomorrow.

I’m looking around now for something else to cook after those few days’ out of the kitchen. Roast chicken dinner for the grandchildren perhaps? That will be a start anyway…..

Meanwhile, cousin Tony (from London) has been snapping some photos of the garden. Maybe it was a good idea after all to randomly throw those Sweet William seeds under the trees.

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