Senior Australian of the Year for tasmania 2019

I am so privileged to have received the Award for the 2019 Senior Australian of the Year for Tasmania, announced at a wonderful function at Government House last week.

Huge congratulations to the Award recipients in the other categories.

For a long time now I have wanted to develop some cooking-based, volunteer programmes in a range of community contexts. The Awards process will certainly assist in facilitating this, and help to find and forge a way ahead.

I strongly believe that food is so much more than what is prepared and served on the plate, more even than the growing of the produce that is included in the delicious dishes prepared.

It is by its very nature a catalyst to communication between generations, cultures and this at all levels of society. It teaches life and social skills, literacy, numeracy, science and so much more.

Therefore, I am certainly excited and motivated for what will transpire in the year ahead.

Many thanks to all those who wished me well and congratulated me on the award. It is very much appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Senior Australian of the Year for tasmania 2019

  1. says:

    Congratulations! That is wonderful and well deserved. I totally agree with you….food brings people together in a way nothing else can x


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