A few little Christmas treats

It’s that time of year again – biggest reason ever to bake some sweet treats.

From a few simple ingredients and easy recipes many things can be made – perfect to package up as special, hand-made gifts for friends and family.

Just a few things here on the go from the last 24 hours. Mini Christmas puddings, peanut butter balls, rum balls (rather flavoursome as I was accidentally over-generous with the rum) coconut ice, White Christmas and rocky road.

I’d made Lebkuchen dough also, but left it overnight instead of baking it yesterday afternoon. Not a good idea, they certainly are not the best batch I ever made, although they taste fine. Don’t think I’ll grace them with their chocolate coating mind you.

If nothing else, it’s a good excuse to make some more.

Looking round for more to bake with the remaining ingredients…..

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