When a lovely friend comes to call

One of my favourite people coming to visit today.

What a marvellous reason to cook! Just some old fashioned favourites.

There’s to be the usual hot scones and fresh-made raspberry jam and cream for morning tea.

One of the best slow cookers I own is filled with spiced pumpkin soup, to be served with focaccia topped with garden herbs and fresh organic garlic.

For dessert – a lime meringue pie. I made a little too much meringue mixture, so turned that into small meringues to fill with fresh redcurrants and cream. I’d like them to look neater, but the piping bags and nozzles were out in the cooking school.

Murphy’s law here is such that whatever I need in the house has somehow migrated out to the cooking school and vice versa. Never mind, rustic is ok.

Simple fare but hopefully tasty.

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