Berry and Currant Season arrives in Tasmania

It’s beginning to look a lot like …. high summer here in the cooking school kitchen.

After spending several hours at the Taste of Tasmania this morning, it was time to come home and deal with the jostaberries picked yesterday.

I admit to feeling rather virtuous after a double batch of jelly was in the jars, joining the cordial I had recently made.

And then … as the saying goes, but wait there’s more! Robert has just picked the last of the jostaberries – I estimate about another 7 or 8 kilos he’s just brought in.

Never mind, back to the preserving pans tomorrow. The flavour of this fruit is simply stunning – with the jelly, a mere smear will be sufficient on a slice of toast or scone.

“By the way” he added “I haven’t even begun picking the blackcurrants!”

(Incidentally, the reason that the cordial is being stored in recycled spirit bottles is that the residue of alcohol means that they are sterile, saves a tedious step. If you decide to adopt this idea, get friends to save their empty bottles for you. We do – works a treat.)

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