The Berries of the Derwent Valley

Hot, hot, HOT here in this little corner of the Valley – 32 degrees in the shade of the front deck at present, and rising.

Out watering early, and then a little pruning and digging for a couple of hours, makes you realise how beautiful the Valley is at the moment. The variation in colours of the foliage of the surrounding bush, and on this property grassy slopes with the hills in the distance – idyllic.

We now have lovely walkways that grew virtually untended, providing very welcome cool shade.

The new herb garden is taking shape, with a few petunias (hopefully) heading towards making a pretty border.

Thankfully the wildlife seems more willing to share this year, and we have copious amounts of jostaberries and currants, and a small to middling number of assorted berries besides.

High time for the first summer pudding of the year, that luscious bread and berry dessert. I lost concentration and belatedly found that the berry mixture could have been a bit sweeter – easily remedied by pouring over a little of the jostaberry syrup made a couple of days ago.

It will be served tonight with a jostaberry ice cream that utilises the syrup as the flavouring.

It is for good reason that the Derwent Valley has long been renowned for the quality of its berries – simply stunning.

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