A Little Taste of the Taste of Tasmania Festival

Great time at the Taste of Tasmania Festival last week, so many excellent dishes and drinks for the tasting.

The first thing we sampled was a plate of steamed Taiwanese dumplings – pork, beef or vegan varieties on offer, sensational! I am not into tofu, but the vegan mushroom/tofu version was my favourite of the three I must admit.

So we stopped for mushrooms and tofu on the way home to see if I could make some that would taste similar. Today, I finally got around to actually filling and cooking the buns.

One problem – too may buns for my mere two bamboo steamer baskets. I vaguely remembered buying an old second hand metal steamer about 6 years ago, and sure enough, there it was, sitting neglected, in the top of a cupboard of the cooking school.

I’d forgotten how attractive it was – what’s more it is a Fowler’s brand, complete with a congratulatory note from the manufacturer for having the wisdom to purchase such a wonderful item.

I don’t think it’s quite the original intended purpose – the instruction folder contains recipes for steamed whole chicken and foundation steamed pudding, but it worked a treat with the dumplings just now.


I’m not sure they taste quite as good as the ones on that stall at the Taste, but pretty good.

Incidentally, with a non-tofu-eater in the house, I used the last of the dough to make some with egg yolk and bacon filling. They worked well also, but the flavour was much improved with a dollop of kasoundi on top.

The Festival was great for inspiration, so many delicious choices.

We left as we always do, full to the brim, enjoying a masterpiece sundae from Big Bessie ice cream van.

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