Curds and Whey

I really do wish I wasn’t so easily distracted.

With leftover milk from the cheese making class last weekend, I started out making a double batch of Halloumi.

Lost concentration, and the temperature soared above the required 45 degrees C.

Oh well, determined not to waste perfectly good Tasmanian milk, I let it rise to 90 degrees and then turned it into ricotta.

The whey that is left over – I use that for all sorts of things. For instance – as the liquid component in this homemade bread.

It’s also good in smoothies, soups and casserole style dishes. Tonight for dinner – loin of lamb, roasted. In the base of the baking dish – about 300ml whey. It made a delicious gravy.

Finally today the Halloumi was successfully made. It’s a great favourite of the grandchildren, so stands at the ready for generous serves this weekend.

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