Bottling time again!

The first of the year’s Bottling classes here yesterday.

Today – after the cleaning is done, time to get going again. Zucchini slices, red cabbage and onions to be pickled, also Mangel Wurzels, and greengages galore (yum!) left to bottle.

With friends coming to visit, just enough time to mix some dough to make bread rolls to fill with pulled pork, labna, tomatoes semi-dried a couple of days ago, pickled red cabbage and zucchini slices bottled yesterday.

Finally all is now in order to wait for the next round of produce to come through the door.

Meanwhile old Tom always likes to be part of the action. With the emptied boxes on the back of the ute waiting to go to the shed, he thought he’d take advantage of the situation and have a nap in the midday sun.

Busy time of year here, in the best possible way.

One thought on “Bottling time again!

  1. says:

    Loving the abundance of produce coming in from the garden and knowing the pantry cupboards will be full to bursting with the yumminess preserved from it all. Just before Christmas a friend came to visit bearing gifts of lemons…….2 huge boxes on the back of his ute full of them….a large section of their tree, which produces all year round, had broken. I was a busy girl juicing, zesting and freezing for a couple of days. I also made a double batch of your lemon fizzy and chopped enough lemons to freeze for another 10 double batches and of course kept enough for limoncello. It’s incredibly satisfying knowing you have preserved something that would otherwise have been wasted….and that he knew bringing them to me would mean they were used. Happy bottling! Kate 🙂


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