Australian of the Year adventure

So here we are home again after an exhilarating few days in Canberra.

We met a staggering array of absolutely incredible and inspirational people, who are doing amazing things in their respective communities and way beyond.

As for me, well – first thing in the door (within 5 minutes) – mix up a dough. I suffer from withdrawal symptoms if I don’t have a bread dough on the rise.

An incidental question – why preserve? Well, dinner for the five of us made in a trice once those crunchy milk rolls were baked.

Instant filling for the rolls – pickled peas, lime infused labna, pickled red cabbage cooked up with crispy bacon and onion, semi-dried tomatoes steeped in balsamic vinegar and Tasmanian olive oil, pickled zucchini with capsicum and onion, and pulled pork – this last prepared and refrigerated before we left.

However, now it’s time now to reflect on all we experienced – the inspirational individuals, the beautiful city of Canberra and its welcoming people, and for us, with reinforced and enhanced motivation to forge ahead with community projects for the year ahead.

And of course, BIGGEST congratulations to the national Award recipients, absolutely well and truly deserved!

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