Slow summer cooking

Here’s a tip – don’t forget to use your slow cooker in summer.

It’s 35 degrees here and rising, so dinner tonight is to be slow cooked Butter Chicken (recipe in “Slow Cooker 2” or “Complete Slow Cooker”).

No need to turn on the oven or hotplates, all of which would increase the temperature in the house more than the humble slow cooker will ever do.

I have another one making stock at present.

A deviation is the making of bread. Two batches in the rising, and they are loving the heat. Both incorporate some milk that is a little past its best before date, and one contains about a cupful of leftover porridge (also cooked overnight in my smallest slow cooker).

It will be interesting to see which dough rises faster. My money would be on the oat version as the yeast has more nutrients to feed on.

Won’t I have to turn the oven on to bake the bread? Not necessarily. The slow cooker makes delicious loaves (see Pan Crock bread in “Slow Cooker”), not to mention buns and filled dumplings.

Certainly the back of the cupboard is no place for a slow cooker (or two or three) in summer.

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