New Norfolk Market fare

For the first time in ages we had a Saturday morning free so finally managed to get in to the New Norfolk Market.

Sampled some great food, such as an early lunch from the Chilean food stall.

Watched on as bagels were being prepared at another. Looked delicious but we were too full to even share one between us.

Never mind, inspired by what we saw and with a special visitor coming for afternoon tea, I raced home and prepared, boiled and baked some immediately.

They came out the oven just as he arrived.

Served with that Ajvar, slow cooked corned silverside, fresh beetroot from the garden, pesto, labna, pickled Mangel Wurzel slices, pickled red cabbage, pickled onions, pickled peas, sliced fresh tomatoes, garden greens and boiled free range eggs – not too bad at all for a quick snack.

“No dinner for me tonight” said our visitor as he left just now.

Just the words I love to hear.

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