The cat and the possum

What is it about a cat and an empty box? This is our Rose today, sitting wistfully outside the cooking school kitchen while we were baking and preserving inside. (She adores Robert and frets when he’s not in very close proximity.)

It seems it’s not only cats that like these box-like spaces. If you look closely, in the second photo you will see a small possum in the firebox of Hester the Nectre Bakers oven. It came down the flue two nights ago. Just as well the fire wasn’t lit.

Thanks to the kind people at Bonorong who told us how to kindly encourage it out. They advised us also that it would return if we didn’t put meshing over the top of the flue. They were right. We didn’t do that straight away and return it did. This photo was taken at 4am today.

Quite comfy it was by all accounts. Now the flue is covered as recommended, it’s finally safe to light Hester tonight (the heat pump we’d used the last couple of nights really wasn’t quite the same thing at all).

Taken from the now snuggly warmth of my recliner, here is Hester burning brightly right now. Bliss. Bring on winter!

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