Windy Day Play – let’s use the leftovers!

Such a windy day, no use doing anything outside in the garden. Then the cooking school is all set up for tomorrow’s class, can’t bear to mess it up again.

Time to look about for things to bake with down in the house – odds and ends in the pantry and fridge that need using up.

Before long, craisin cornflake biscuits were on the go, a slow start. Why not two batches instead of one? After all, it would use up lots of the butter bits and pieces I’d stored in a container in the fridge.

Anzacs are always a family favourite, they were next.

The golden syrup for the Anzacs was a bit old so had started to crystallise. I used the dregs in the container as the sugar component in a bread dough to feed the yeast. Just added a bit of hot water to dissolve the syrup first, also adding the last of the butter bits.

Incidentally – did you know that if you choose to add shortening to your bread dough, it has better texture than if you use oil?

Leftover mashed pumpkin? Pumpkin fruit cake now in the oven.

Last of the leftovers – a handful of sausage roll filling. That was combined with extra some beef mince that was almost to its use by date.

Meatloaf? Yes BUT, so many eggs here that I had hard boiled a dozen, waiting for inspiration to strike.

Scotch Eggs? No, that involves coating with egg and breadcrumbs and deep frying. I’d had enough making mess by now.

Combined the two notions – wrapped a portion of meatloaf mixture around 10 of the eggs and made them into a random-style Scotch egg meatloaf.

That’s now baking alongside the pumpkin cake. Main part of dinner done – the meat loaf will cut better when it’s cooled a bit. Any leftover of that will make a tasty sandwich filling with some of the relish we made a couple of days ago.

Meanwhile, Poppy and Tom are disgusted at the roaring wind outside and sulk on the floor. Tom could not even be mollified with his twice weekly egg nog.

Don’t know why they were so cross – I had a fun morning.

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