Bottling Class Today

Bottling class here today – great fun sharing the hours preserving with lovely people.

After the class and in amongst the washing up, the excess-to-needs produce was bottled in the Fowlers preserver (thanks Robert), and the dehydrator filled with tomatoes now in the process of semi-drying.

Meanwhile I pickled several kilos of lovely beetroot (purchased for a roadside stall at Dromedary).

Soon the bottled nectarines were finished processing, along with some lovely deep red plums.

Pickled zucchini slices joined the rest on the bench.

Several of green tomatoes had arrived also from our daughter’s garden and needed some attention immediately.

A dry brine and a wet one in preparation for cooking tomorrow – green tomato chutney and pickled green tomato slices respectively.

Love these productive days – guess the final photo says it all – a jam pan full of knives and wooden spoons, the over-worked tools of trade for the day.

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