Carers’ Classes in the Cooking School

or some time now, most Tuesdays we have had groups of carers from Community Based Support coming here to cooking classes.

The focus is always on easy to prepare dishes, the current theme “Like Grandma Used to Make.”

The photo – a little snack for when they arrive being prepared early this morning – savoury muffins that included fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden.

Towards the end of the class the menu included the old fashioned favourite of jelly cakes.

In the spirit of “Here’s some we made earlier”, I made a batch just to be filled with whipped cream at the end. (This also allows the jelly coating to set in time).

The same batter later made blackberry muffins (blackberries freshly foraged yesterday by Robert).

Many main course and dessert dishes were prepared in between.

It’s always such a pleasure to have these groups come along, and to share with them really easy user-friendly recipes, made with a touch of abandon, not a lot of precision (by me), but always, thankfully, successful.

Love sharing the food together at the end, with loads of leftovers for them to take home to those they care for.

Other topics coming up – Slow Cooking, Easy Cheese Making and Lunch Box Fillers, having already done Making and Baking Yeast Good and Bottling and Preserving.

Lovely people who have now become our friends, look forward to enjoying their company again very soon.

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