Plums for Worcestershire Sauce

With a gift of plums from a friend, time to make more Worcestershire sauce. The batch I made with peaches a few days ago was really good, but it’s a yearly tradition to make the plum version. Anyway, you can never have too much, such a great addition to so many savoury dishes.

I mixed the ingredients together the night before and left them to sit on the bench to await cooking the next day. Even then the aroma in the cooking school space next morning was overpowering, so outside for its hours of cooking it had to go.


Meanwhile the last of those delicious clingstone peaches were used in a hastily prepared flan for a morning tea with friends.

The lemon sponge flan base was brushed with peach jam, then topped with whipped cream, shards of peach jelly and a little passionfruit pulp for extra acidity. I am no decorator to be sure, but thanks to those peaches the flavour was pretty fine.

Soon it will will be time for quinces, apples and hopefully more pears. Can’t wait, love autumn preserving!

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