The Class of Community Carers

As I know I’ve said before, most Tuesdays groups of carers from Community Based Support come for a cooking class.

They are always such a jolly group, eager to learn and apply new and easy recipes and cooking tips.

It’s by no means a one way street. Some of their tips and shared family recipes are absolutely amazing.

Sometimes I am truly touched when we are quietly presented with a thoughtful little gift – a very special (and topic specific) tea towel for instance .

I mentioned during one class that I try not to use too much cling wrap, and next session I was given some lovely beeswax bowl covers to show me a viable and reusable alternative.

Today – some home grown ginger. “I just put an old piece in the ground,” the lovely lady said, “And it just grew.” Wish the same applied to my gardening.

When we were packing up after today’s class, I found in the same bag a container of liquorice salt. I remember the lady who brought it did mention the fact, but I got busy with cooking, so hadn’t had a chance to look at at properly.

How cute is this?

Robert ( who does the washing up for every class) found a lovely little bag with a block of chocolate to thank him for his hard work each time they come along.

It is an absolute pleasure to have these wonderful people attend. Not necessarily is their life easy, but they always have time to be so thoughtful to others. It is really humbling.

They are like family to us now, and we really look forward to the following classes with them. I wish they could go on forever.

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