Hops and Lavender Abound

So much to love abut Autumn produce.

Today – there’s lavender to harvest and to experiment with. Some of the buds will be used fresh and then I found a great treasure in my pantry cupboard – one remaining jar of dried lavender.



There will be savoury recipes and sweet, I’m intrigued with the research I’ve been doing about the culinary use of the plant So many unusual ideas, can hardly wait to get started.

Meanwhile Robert is picking the bumper crop of hops grown around the outside of the vegetable garden. He’s barely begun with just the first vine, and already a wheelbarrow is almost half full. He has three different varieties to harvest, which will be used for his brewing.

I will syphon off a few to make a new potato/hop yeast plant for making breads in the coming months.

Remarkably the possums and wallabies haven’t touched either the lavender or hops, fantastic. It’s great to have a bumper crop of something (other than zucchini).

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