Valley Apple Custard Cakes on a cold and snowy morning

Snowy on the hills opposite us today, wish iot would keep coming over to our property.

However, meantime there’s the Wednesday morning tea platter in the making. Apples picked earlier this week in the Valley, lightly stewed and then their surrounding juice thickened with a little custard powder paste.

Apple portions went on the top of little cupcakes before baking.

Meanwhile, the remaining (thickened) apple syrup was cooled and mixed with cream, then whipped. I was going to swirl this on top of each of the cakes, but they didn’t cool in time, so a dollop went on at serving time. No complaints from those who ate them though, so all ok.

By the way in the background the pot with the muslin lined sieve over it? Quince vinegar being strained off. Makes a great salad dressing.

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