Date and Orange Ring – Yeasted Cake

Wednesday morning tea today. I decided to bake the Date and Orange Ring from my book “Sweet!”

I do wish sometimes I’d just stick to the recipe as I’d first invented it. But no. With a glut of dates in the pantry, and limes, lemons and tangelos aplenty I couldn’t resist making about a quadruple batch of filling. Oh yes, and plenty of crushed almonds went in also.

There was rather a lot, so I was generous with spreading the filling onto the dough – too generous as it turned out. The cake was a bit overpoweringly rich.

Decided still to drizzle a tangelo icing over, richer still, but its flavour was important. Oh well, there’s not much a good egg custard can’t improve, mask or disguise and so the day was saved.

In its rustic state, too warm to remove from the tray on which it was baked, we headed out for morning tea.

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