Poppy’s operation

Poor Poppy puppy had to have an operation on her leg and spent the night at the vet surgery under observation and pain relief.

It’s a tight little family of animals here and Rosie, the abominable tabby, fretted for Poppy terribly. Usually they sit on Robert’s lap together for hours each evening.

Rose refused to sit on Robert’s knee alone, and retreated to Poppy’s basket, even though it was devoid of the woolly blanket (which was in the wash).

This morning Poppy came home, had a big cuddle, swaddled in a blanket on Robert’s knee, and then finally into her basket for a recuperative sleep.

She needs to be in this caged area temporarily to restrict movement, but Rosie is happy again with her buddy at least in sight, and the bonus of a roaring wood heater close by to warm them both.

Thanks to Dan and the wonderful team at Claremont Veterinary Centre for their good care of our fur baby Poppy.

It’s not going to be so easy to explain all this to Priscilla the pig, who expects a visit from Poppy each afternoon – I’m sure she’ll miss the nose to nose discussion they enjoy through the gate.



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