Butter from a Precious Gift

I was given the most wonderful gift – more than 6 litres of beautiful Tasmanian cream!

I’ve been wanting to make butter for ages, just never seemed to get to it.

I decided to make cultured butter by two different methods to compare end results – one culturing the cream with yoghurt, the other with Mesophilic starter culture. The latter was definitely better, though both are really nice.

I was surprised how simple the butter was to make, albeit messy. The poor mixmaster had to work overtime. I am sure it will never, ever need oiling again – the mixture spattered everywhere – all through it, up the walls, over the benches, even into my eye wen I sneaked a peek when the curds were separating. Next time I’ll bring the old butter churn down from the shed.

For dinner tonight – butter roasted/basted small rump roast, accompanied by a potato steamed in its jacket, topped with a little more (and vegetables from the garden).

Those two hours making the butter were well worth the effort. Very happy about the buttermilk too.

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