Back to the kitchen

Finally, finally was able to get back to the kitchen. A biscuit making session was definitely in order – family favourites of honey jumbles, kiss biscuits and cranberry and almond cornflake biscuits.

Unfortunately the honey jumbles’ icing has been giving me grief for about a year now. I wouldn’t even dare show photos of one batch I made, a total train wreck. The biscuits themselves are cantankerous enough, but the icing had become a real issue.

However, you do pick up a little hints from cooking programmes and recently I watched one for coating biscuits with royal icing. I adapted it a little to my usual recipe (which bakes the biscuits momentarily after coating) and it actually worked.

While they are not perfect, they are certainly much improved – next time with further adaptation, I hope they will be even better.

Maybe there had been a change in the composition of icing sugar, I don’t know, but now I can go back to making them with confidence.

This morning, yoghurt on the go. I’ve had this yoghurt maker for about 40 years or more, has never missed a beat. I wish I didn’t get lazy and get into the habit of buying it from the supermarket when it’s so easy to make your own.

On Hester’s stovetop – more barley porridge, plus chicken and vegetable stock in the making.

Barley porridge is Priscilla pig’s staple food, must be cooked of course. (She has a good appetite – eats about 16 cups of the porridge a day to supplement fruit and vegetables from the garden). Old toothless ewe Doris enjoys a jug full each day as well.

Slow cookers are ideal for the purpose to cook it overnight, or simmering on top of the wood stove during the day.

All this done, some self discipline – time to do some gardening….

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