Cheese Making Bliss

Oh happy day – I do love making cheese! Prep day today for the cheese making class here tomorrow.

A batch of Halloumi is already fully prepared (we will do more batches in the class) plus feta is well on the way to being completed.


After the butter episode of a few days ago where buttermilk was the by-product, from today’s cheese making – whey, loads of it. Much will be frozen but I will use some in the bread for tomorrow’s class, to accompany the Labna.

For morning tea – well, I did rather like that walnut toffee/honey cake BUT I figured the topping was the best part, so converted it to a slice and doubled the topping. Can’t have too much of a good thing I always think.

honey walnut slice

It actually worked (if it hadn’t I would’ve disguised its shortcomings with a generous dolloping of custard or homemade ice cream).

Speaking of custard – here’s also a photo of the Wednesday morning tea platter of a couple of weeks ago – blueberry custard muffins (alongside the kiss biscuits).

blueberry custard cakes

Then this week’s offering – buttermilk scones with a berry and rhubarb jam made in the class of last Monday, along with some of that cultured butter.

buttermilk scones

How fortunate are we here in Tassie to have easy access to such an abundance of ingredients ….

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