A Spring Day of Weeding and Feeding

This morning began, as it always does, with feeding our motley menagerie. In the wheelbarrow ready to go, a bucket of warm barley mixed with vegetable scraps, stewed fruit and cream for Priscilla pig, a jug of barley porridge for toothless ewe Doris who needs to be spoon fed, sheep pellets, apple slices for them all, cooked table scraps for the chooks and ducks plus wheat and layer pellets, then a piece of carrot for Snowball the rabbit.

Sometimes I feel like a short order cook for the collection of fur-and feathered babies.

There are free loaders too – green rosellas and two wild ducks who like to share the smorgasbord.

The garden has been very disappointing this year, with wildlife eating things they never have touched before.

I have developed a plan, one that has evolved week by week. I note what they don’t eat, and then build on that. I thank whoever it was who gave me foxgloves when we first came here. They have self seeded and remain untouched.

I’ve planted them out progressively in what was once a thriving raspberry patch. it’s never been the same since the plague of green bugs a couple of years ago and has been finished off by wallabies and possums.

The result is a bit scrappy, but the foxgloves should matt up to make a nice display. Sweet Williams don’t seem popular either, so I’ve planted borders of those. Sometimes it takes re-planting when out chooks dig them out.

There is a nice background to that bed – gooseberry and red currant bushes.

Anything we need to remain untouched must be covered securely. Therefore it was more than a little rewarding to harvest lemons, limes and even a couple of oranges today.

The pets helped with the weeding of course. Tom in the barrow – well, woe betide anyone who would dare to move him until he chose to do so.

End of day – made scallop pies for dinner (scallops from the NN market yesterday, pastry made from last week’s cultured butter). I over-filled them so they oozed out onto the bottom of the oven a bit, but worth it nevertheless.

So that’s the feeding and some of the weeding for one day.

Only about a dozen more garden beds still needing some serious attention…….

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