Food twins

Two sets of non-identical twins.

Sauerkraut pizzas – one vegetarian, the other with a touch of salami, topped with sour cream, paprika and fresh parsley (the latter taught to me by two lovely northern Italian girls).

Anzacs – with time to make only one batch and with the usual dispute over preference for chewy or crispy, I baked half the mixture as crispy, added a little extra coconut and flour (about a rounded tablespoon of each) and turned the remainder into the chewy version.

One thought on “Food twins

  1. jan2132 says:

    I prefer them chewy but they are almost as good crunchy. We make them here with alot more syrup than my very old recipe says. Just as golden syrup steamed pudding on wintry, rainy days has several more times the syrup suggested.


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