I do love a good pie, pretty much any sort, savoury for preference (with the possible exception of apricot, which I adore).

They’re great for using up leftovers too – a case in point, beef curry pies made for dinner last evening.

The filling matched well to the batch of herbed shortcrust pastry I’d made (and frozen) a couple of weeks ago.

With a pie-loving friend coming to visit, these were a good tasty option, made in a comparative trice.

Several seasonal vegetables as accompaniments – main course of dinner sorted.

One thought on “PIES!!

  1. Ross. (Roscoe) Thomas says:

    Ok Sally. Here I am fending for myself whilst Liz is in Melbourne on Grandma duties so which book has the recipes for the savoury pies and the apricot pie……….PLEEEASE !
    Cheers Roscoe


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