Little Sweet and Savoury Treats

Raspberry lemon cream tarts, sitting at the ready to take in to the ABC last Saturday for the Jams and Preserves talkback.

As for savouries – well, amongst them were sausage rolls of course.

Now I like a packet of ready rolled puff pastry sheets as much as anyone – so convenient and they do the job just fine.

However, of late I’ve started making rough puff pastry quite regularly. I took a version of each with me that morning.

Definitely, definitely the ones with homemade pastry were considered to be far nicer.

You can kind of see that in the photo here – the rough puff pastry ones are closest to the front- those in the background made with the commercial variety are much smaller, despite the same amount of filling.

It seems the homemade puffs up much better and is arguably tastier, as indeed is logical given the amount of butter in there …..


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