Preserving frenzy continues

The preserving frenzy continues in the cooking school kitchen.

Last night bottles of Moor Park apricots, the ripest of the ones I bought a couple of days ago, were stewed and then preserved. They were so naturally full flavoured and sweet that there was absolutely no need to add any sugar at all.

These will be perfect for using over the coming winter. I’ll just tip the contents into a casserole dish, top with pastry, crumble or butter sponge mixture and bake for a truly delicious dessert.

This morning, tomatoes needed semi-drying. I bought 20 kilos yesterday from Cracknells at Granton. They were classed as sauce tomatoes, but they are such excellent quality!

The remainder will be used in the bottling class here tomorrow.

Despite all the activity dinner for this evening still needs to be cooked.

Using a slow cooker in summer is a fantastic option. Not only is it convenient, it’s energy efficient and doesn’t add any extra heat to the house as it cooks away quietly.

A little lamb and lots of vegetables = a tasty mild curry for dinner. I just threw a few simple ingredients into the cooker, gave it a stir and set it on to cook.

I’ll serve it with a lovely cooling raita.

This size cooker is perfect just for the two of us by the way – 1.5 litre size.

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