Bottling the Fruits of the Season class

When we run a Bottling the fruits of the season class here, as we did yesterday, I always get carried away with shopping for produce in the days beforehand.

Once I see those beautiful summer fruits, I simply can’t resist buying by the boxful where, quite frankly, a few kilos would have sufficed.

Hence, the morning after the class of the day before is spent processing all that is left over.

Not that it’s a chore mind you – it was wonderful to look back as I closed the cooking school door this evening, to see the colourful preserves all lined up in a row, ready to be transferred to the cooler pantry tomorrow.

There’s several jars more of apricot halves for instance (can’t have too many of those), preserved tomato segments, pickled zucchini slices (with red capsicum), pickled green tomatoes, semi-dried tomatoes in olive oil and a plum/apricot Worcestershire sauce.

Worcestershire sauce in the making during the class yesterday

Incidentally, Poppy the Puppy was exhausted yesterday after the class – it’s hard work sitting outside the cooking school, staring at the windows and door, wishing and waiting for someone, anyone in fact, to come out and pat her. She was all tuckered out as can be seen from the photo.  Funny little dog.

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