Cherry Juice and Onions

The pickling of onions saga continued today…… vinegar spiced, boiled briefly and then cooled. I made two different types – one with Tasmanian Pepperberries added and one batch without.

The Pepperberry version is my favourite – beautiful colour. I guess that will mean pink pickled onions.

While the vinegar cooled and the onions were drained of their brine and placed in jars, no time to be idle.

There were two buckets full of pure Morello cherry juice to preserve, incredible flavour and so sweet that no added sugar was needed.

All have now been “put to bed” in the cellar. It’s going to be a long wait, this next month, until this year’s batches of pickled onions are ready to try.

At the end of the afternoon, time to set up for a large class here tomorrow. It all looked so tidy and peaceful as I walked out and closed the door just now.

However, by tomorrow afternoon it will be a different story, with at least 6 preserves on the agenda. Plus lunch to be prepared for participants, and a few little snacks along the way.

There will be pots and pans and dishes galore.

I have a little sign that says “A messy kitchen is a happy place. This one is delirious.” So, so true.

Just as well Robert is so good at helping with the washing up afterwards.

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