Chocolate and Strawberry Cake Invention

Wednesday morning tea platter, a slice from the cake of yesterday.

It kind of evolved as it came together. It could best be described, I guess, as a chocolate strawberry “poke” cake.

The chocolate butter cake base was indented (with the rounded end of a wooden spoon handle) and strawberries poached in Morello cherry juice were inserted.

Next layer – a thin spread of ganache, then the next a chantilly cream/cream cheese mixture swirled with more of that strawberry/cherry element.

Finally, a feather and fanning of ganache on top.

I should really have made it the day before as its appearance was a bit rustic but then I don’t think you can’t beat the flavour of a freshly baked cake – and I have to say it did taste might fine, courtesy of the lovely summer fruits element.

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