Pastry day…

I rather enjoy making pastry and with a busy week coming up, I decided a few days ago to get a bit ahead.

Somehow along the way I lost concentration and accidentally doubled the flour in the second batch of rough puff pastry.

Rescue remedy procedure was quickly applied but still the results could have been questionable.

Then on to commence the baking – decided to trial three different (pastry) versions of sausage rolls. One batch was made with the Parmesan shortcrust, another with the dubious rough puff and the final version with ready rolled puff pastry sheets. Then quickly baked and off to serve to friends.

Next – a roasted garden vegetable and herb tart (Parmesan short crust).

Finally, again for friends, and deserving of a re-run, another blackberry and pear shortcake (sweet shortcrust).

Still some pastry left. That will soon be spoken for with a cooking class here tomorrow.

Then finally and by special request, an apricot shortcake for the Wednesday morning tea platter.

All gone – time and excuse to make some more!

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