Cabbages, cabbages

I very much miss cooking for the number of people, friends and family, who used to visit us almost every day. After all, the best part of cooking is in the sharing.

Now with just Robert and I, there’s minimal need.

I’ve cleaned and tidied cupboards and rooms till there’s no more to do, at least that I want to do.

So ………… I’ve decided to allow myself to make one thing extra a day. Might not work for every single day, BUT I’ll give it a go.

Today for instance, cabbages to make sauerkraut – plus some lovely jars given to me by a friend, perfectly suited to the purpose.

Sauerkraut is easy as can be to make, not to mention delicious, nutritious and versatile.

Update – just finished shredding, salting and massaging the cabbage and pushing into the jars.

Three kilos of sauerkraut coming up, should be ready in about a month’s time.


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