Marmalade and Buttermilk

The oranges turned into marmalade, the cream into cultured butter.

Never mind the toast for marmalade, made buttermilk buns instead, plus a loaf of buttermilk bread.

I know it looks pretty much like my usual loaves BUT there are significant differences in the cutting and tasting.

For a start the slight sourness of the buttermilk is very noticeable, delicious.

The texture is amazing, very much like brioche, which means that once toasted as it will be tomorrow no doubt, is simply stunning.

Incidentally, if the marmalade on the bun looks a bit cloudy, it’s because it contains the skimmings from the surface towards the end of boiling.

It’s too good to throw away, and our children always used to say it’s the tastiest bit of a jam or marmalade or jelly.

If I don’t use it as a spread, it’s great to have on hand to add a teaspoon or so to a casserole-style dish or a gravy. Plus it’s an essential ingredient in my slow cooker pulled pork.  (Recipe is in “Slow Cooker 2”).

Now – tragedy, I’ve run out of things to preserve! Maybe I’ll still be able to get a box or two of apples……

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