The typo that led to Rocky Road

I’ve secretly been quite pleased with myself as I’ve finally managed to accomplish online shopping and home delivery.
However I’ve found some things can still go awry.
A case in point – a few days ago I made out a list to send to one supplier.
I badly needed brown sugar but my wrongly quoting one digit of the product number, meant I ended up with a large bag of mini marshmallows instead (a big disappointment at first).
This coincided with our household’s running out of lollies – somehow this isolation business has had me craving such things.
Turn the situation around!! I rummaged through cupboards and drawers in the house and (what once served as) the cooking school kitchen.
I managed to get together about 500g of bits and pieces of chocolate – several single little blocks, some chocolate covered wafers, a few dark choc melts in the bottom of a packet, and even some chocolate cases I’d purchased a couple of years ago but never used.
Add to this bounty about a cupful of red glace cherries, quite dark in colour so sitting neglected, a few walnuts and a very small jar of shredded coconut.
In a trice a nice big batch of Rocky Road was made from combining all of these, enough to satisfy any sweet cravings for many days to come.
Bonus? During the search I also found a packet of brown sugar so really I hadn’t needed it after all.
Therefore a happy ending all round.

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