Feathered Friends

Husband Robert’s entourage of admirers, or rather of the bucket of grain in his hand, their afternoon tea of mixed grains.

There’s more birds over further – the geese behind the orchard fence, unseen here but certainly making their presence felt as they shout for their fair share.

There’s two little wild ducks (one with only one leg but manages life quite nicely) and a number of naughty green rosellas.

The reward for us? At this time of year it’s a mere couple of chooks’ eggs a day but as always we do have the pleasure of their company. They’re always so happy to see us, especially the geese, even when it’s not feed time.

Notable is the swirling mist on the hills in the background, one of the loveliest features of Molesworth in winter in the Derwent Valley.

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