“End of Week” Soup

I call this end “End of Week Soup”.
From the crisper drawer – the last of the carrots, sweet potato and pumpkin, all of which were duly oven roasted in a tablespoon of olive oil and a few small dobs of butter.
Separately on the stovetop a diced onion and leek were softened gently in another splash of olive oil.
Once combined, the end result soup (with chicken stock and milk added) was pureed and topped with spring onion and celery leaves from the garden, along with a little crumbling of feta.
Served with hot buttered toasted home-made bread, there’s worse lunches to be had on a rainy winter’s day.
(Any vegetables could be substituted of course. I really wish I’d had a parsnip. Happy to type up the recipe should anyone like it.)

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