Spot the Leftovers!

The Wednesday morning tea platter is back. I’m a bit out of practice and left my run a bit late for the baking this morning.
The result is this, what I call “Spot the leftover cup cakes”, a guessing game for morning tea bonus (!)
I figured the cakes were likely going to be too warm to ice before it was time to leave. What to do?
To the rescue – small meringue swirls leftover from making lemon meringue tarts a couple of days ago. I put them on top of the cake batter before baking; thought the meringues would likely burn but they didn’t.
A little raspberry jam, the last in a jar in the fridge, was piped in after baking for extra flavour.
A leftover ginger pistachio shortbread ball was place in one just for the fun of it, a real surprise for whoever got to eat that one.
In the end I was able after all to ice some very quickly, just before they went out the door.
I do hate to see leftovers go to waste. This wasn’t a half bad way to use them up as it turned out.

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