Upgraded Jam Drop Biscuits

I really love making old fashioned style biscuits.
One that has regularly been baked for the family biscuit barrel for decades is jam drops. I like them but don’t love them, the reason being that there always seems to be not enough jam to the quantity of the shortbread biscuit.
After all, if you have some homemade jams on hand, more is always better and tastier.
Wednesday’s experiment was to increase the size, make a much bigger dent and fill it with at least 2 teaspoons of jam. I wanted them to be a cross between a jam drop and small jam tart.
Well – yes, they tasted fine, much better with that extra jam, but they spread more than I would have liked, the end result was a bit “rustic”.
I made another a batch slightly smaller (30g pieces of dough, a medium sized indent for jam) – not as tasty, though they looked better.
I think I’ve come up with a solution to keep the larger size. I’ll experiment with that soon, but today I’m making another old time favourite – honey jumbles, the best biscuit EVER.
One batch is never quite enough, it’s better to make two.

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