A Market of the Derwent Valley

A long-overdue visit  this morning to Banjo’s New Norfolk Market, here in the Derwent Valley.

It was great to meet and re-connect with a friend we’d not seen for ages.

Amazing food on offer – husband Robert was very impressed with his filled bagel from Black Mountain Gourmet. (It didn’t last long enough to take a photo.)

Another treat – from Yeastie Beastie – in this instance – a fresh cooked sourdough doughnut filled with vanilla custard, then generously drizzled with homemade blackcurrant jam. Oh my word – simply sumptuous!!

We were able to buy beautiful fresh fish from Georgetown Seafoods, and a large bag of scallops.  Curried scallop pies coming up – or maybe battered and served with a ginger and garlic sauce (specialty of the house here), or as another of their customers suggested, Laksa – so many options.

Just another Saturday morning at what is renowned as the friendliest market in Tasmania.

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