The Taste of Summer Apricots in Winter

Sometimes you can just get stuck in a groove – for me this week it’s been along the theme of apricots.
Maybe it’s the reminiscence about simpler times last summer – picking apricots in gardens of the Derwent Valley, then bringing them home and preserving them by the boxful (always Moor Park variety of course).
The week started with buttermilk and apricot cupcakes, followed by little gluten-free apricot custard tarts.
With two jars of the stewed fruit – apricot crumble is a must, full of colour and flavour and made very quickly when matched to a jar of crumble mix I always keep ready in the fridge.
Finally yesterday, two apricot and vanilla and egg custard flans, one for the morning tea platter for friends, one to share with family and visitors. For good measure I’d included a handful of chopped pistachios in one of those sponge bases.
Whether or not it’s reminiscence of simpler times, or just a longing for a taste of summer in the middle of a chilly winter, who knows?
Just one more thing to do I belatedly realised – I’m on my last jar of apricot jam. No matter, I will use a few of the remaining jars of stewed apricots to make another batch. After all, the fruit is merely held in suspended animation for any application you might choose.
No matter how many hours are spent preserving in the heat of summer, every single minute is absolutely, undeniably worth it!

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