It’s a Pig’s Life

Here’s our Cilla, the epitome of the saying ” as happy as a pig in mud”.

She loves the fact that after recent rain, small springs under the ground are bubbling to the surface.

On her afternoon walk in the larger paddock, she stomps herself a mud patch and has a lovely time wallowing in it.

Slight problem in that afterwards she loves a cuddle and smooches and snuffles us with her big muddy snout. I guess she is showing us how happy she feels.

It’s  not a bad life for her here.  Since the times of isolation, she appreciates a story (of the Dr Seuss kind) being read to her each day.  It started because she was lonely with few visitors able to come to our property and admire her.  The story time filled the void for her (strange but absolutely true).

She is such a beautiful girl, smart and funny and most of all affectionate.  We adore her.

One thought on “It’s a Pig’s Life

  1. Ross Thomas says:

    I loved the 6 slips I once had. They were the best watchdogs I could ever have. Anyone visiting our farm had to pass by their pen and no one got past without alerting us first. I remember one winter it snowed very heavy during the night and they told us by their squeals that something was amiss. I put them all into a shed with a wooden floor and lots of hay. That made THEM happy as a pig in mud and ME with very cold fingers, toes, nose and ears.
    Great animals and it broke my heart to send them to the abattoirs, but unfortunately it had to be done. Love hearing stories about your animals.
    Cheers Roscoe


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